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Temporary Staffing - Regardless of the size or scope of your need, Camino will provide the required number of qualified temporary employees to keep your company productive and competitive

Temporary Staffing

It is a constant confront to stay ahead in today’s business environment. Often, choosing a temporary staffing service amounts to nothing more than a last-minute phone call to fill an absence or to provide the assistance in a crisis period. However, taking a more deliberate approach to choose a staffing partner can actually be very accurate and valuable. More over not only you can minimize costs, but you may be able to make out employees who are far or more dynamic for the tasks at hand.

Regardless of the size or scope as per the requirements made by you, Camino will provide the required number of qualified and specified temporary employees to keep your company prolific and competitive. Like all companies, you depend on highly skilled and qualified employees to keep your departments running smooth and effectively sound hi and also to enhance productivity. In fact, more than 95% of all businesses use temporary staffing as a management strategy to balance workforce needs and staffing challenges year round to include:

• Special Projects
• Normal fluctuations in Work Flow
• Control overtime Costs
• Identify qualified Employees for Regular, Full-time Employment
• Manage Vacancies, Absences, Burnout, and Additional Turnover

People are the most powerful worldly goods of a company to run successfully and the ability to choose the right people is most premeditated for any company, our force lies in giving right people for right job at right time every time when required. We believe in giving both the candidate and the client a good opportunity to promote. For the client the best candidate and for the candidate the best environment and company to work with. Need to contain headcount, migratory increase in business, need to lower employment costs and demand for position skill sets are some of the underlying reasons that have made companies opt for temp staffing. Today, “HR Outsourcing”, also known as Temporary Staffing, has become a globally accepted norms. We take care of their entire HR related Activities and bring a friendly environment to fetch the best potential out of the candidate.

CAMINO, is a leading provider of end to end solutions in Temporary Staffing.

• Just-in-time Recruitment
• Temporary to Permanent Recruitment
• Complete Outplacement

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