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Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model

CAMINO Global delivery model is preferred for certain business sector where the client requirement is made such as the job to be completed in a quick manner, which is made possible by the number of offshore teams working together towards the completion of the task. Also where the project is very big requiring sufficient skilled manpower to complete the task this is the only model, which provides solution in such cases. The level of risk involved in this process is also minimum because, even if any of the offshore development centers face any problem/disaster our CAMINO Global delivery model will be assured that the project work will not be stopped, as the work can be transferred immediately and continued by the remaining offshore development centers.

Advantages of CAMINO Global Delivery Model

Lower Risks: We have operations across the Globe that In case of any disaster/emergency at one of the offshore centers, for the work continues as the immediate transfer of work is made to other offshore development centers.

Round-the-clock Productivity: CAMINO give 24*7 work cycle becomes possible because of the time-zone difference.

Best Results: Execution of high quality work is possible, as the client will get the benefit of skilled manpower spread out across the globe.

Shorter Lead-Time: Shorter project completion time as the work is completed by a number of offshore development centers working together with the same target.

Cost Benefits:
The cost saving benefits for the client resulting from offshore outsourcing is also appreciable.

No new employee additions required: The service provider can provide the client with a large working team with varied skill set, which the client may not be able to employ for just the task at hand.

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