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Campus Services

Developing the talents of freshers in India..

The Camino Campus Services -Team would like to offer you "Fresher’s Recruitment Solutions" - related to recruitment of Fresh Engineers / MCA / MBA from institutes across South India for your organization through Off/Pooled/On Campus support. This is a One-Stop Value-Added Support Services & Solutions for Fresher’s (Engineering / MCA /MBA) Recruitment from South Tamil Nadu, where we offer:

• Access to best available fresh talents from widest variety of institutes across South India from one single source
• Understanding the corporate requirements & prescreening / selecting the appropriate institutes/candidates
• Providing the one-stop database support from our huge live / back-up database of fresh Engineering / MCA / MBA students

   Passing each Year
• Providing all sort of support for the fresher's recruitment process, which includes preliminary shortlisting, coordination with institutes/
   candidates on behalf of the corporate, Planning the selection schedule & activities in consultation with the corporate, Providing the

   recruitment venue (if required), Venue Management, Selection Process Management Support, Back-stage coordination, Logistics

   planning & management on the scheduled days
• If required, providing pre-assessed candidates, round the year service and Replacement assistance for early exits
• Coordination of the Post-selection process with the college authorities & selected candidates (If required & requested).

CCS Selection Process Involves

• Written Test – It’s a 100% fool proof test conducted online, the questions are randomly selected by the system.
• The Written test consists of verbal, analytical and quantitative part which are equally divided based on the time frame.
• The database of questions for the test is huge and mapping the questions is very limited.

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