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Quality Assurance

Our policy is to only take on projects that we can deliver using available resources, to ensure maximum commitment to our clients and to meet our guarantee to deliver to agreed deadlines. We are committed to delivering all our services to the highest quality standards. We are achieving this with consistent regularity by following our Quality assurance system, covering all the project stages from initiation, analysis and design to individual developer work assignments. We also aim for the highest possible quality in our dealings with you.

We have a complete set of internal code reviews a function walkthrough policy. These include co-worker review, peer review, cross walkthrough and group walkthrough, to ensure the code quality. Every week our project management team issues a project status report and a plan for the following week, which provides a client with a weekly control point for schedule management. We believe that transparency of work is vital for prolific partnership, and we do our best to overcome the distance and demonstrate the progress of our work to customers.

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